Opening Times

Monday to Saturday
9.00am - 10.30am
3.00pm - 4.30pm
10am - 11:30am ONLY
(Except Sundays)
All Bank Holidays closed to the public but business as usual.
(no viewings drop off or pick up's during Bank Holidays)

Rated 5 Star

Rated 5 Star
by Broadland District Council

Our Base

55 The Heath,
NR10 5QL

T: 01603 755688

Terms & Conditions

  • Proof of vaccination including kennel cough in the form of your dogs up to date vaccination certificate MUST accompany your dog on arrival.
  • It is your responsibility to check your dogs vaccinations are up to date including kennel cough prior to arrival.
  • If proof is not shown we will NOT accept your dog.  To include kennel cough, all vaccines up to date and been administered at least 14 days prior to arrival.
  • Due to problems in the past we now require a £65 non refundable/non transferable booking/cancellation fee for each week booked. FULL PAYMENT due on arrival.  If vaccinations are incorrect you will be liable for the cost of stay.
  • Shorts stays are payable at the time of booking.
  • Cancellations made 4 weeks or less prior to boarding are subject to 50% of the total kennel bill being paid & cancellations made 14 days or less are subject to full payment.
  • All dogs are charged for the day of their arrival and the day of departure regardless of the time of arrival or departure.
  • No refunds will be made incase of early departure and all dates booked are all dates chargeable.
  • No reduction is made if you supply your pets own food, if your dog requires a special diet or a food that we do not stock, you will be required to supply this for the length of their stay.
  • We require details of any pre existing conditions and reserve the right to consult a vet should we feel it necessary, the owner will accept any veterinary costs will be their responsibility and added to their final invoice.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to board any animal that is clearly unwell or a poorly condition.
  • To protect all our guests please do not bring your dog into kennels with an upset tummy.
  • We will exercise every possible care and attention to the welfare and safety of your dog however we accept no responsibility for problems outside our control.  Dogs are boarded entirely at owners risk.
  • Any damage caused by your dog may incur extra costs on departure.
  • To ensure the comfort and safety of our well behaved guests and that of our staff, we will not board aggressive, destructive, reactive or overly boisterous dogs (unfortunately we do not board Huskies or American Bully’s).  We respect our neighbours and environment and will not board dogs that persistently bark.
  • Please ensure that your dog is wormed and treated for fleas/ticks.
  • Whilst we are happy to take elderly dogs, we will not be held responsible for any age related problems.
  • If your dog is known to chew, please provide their own bedding.
  • Dogs sharing do so at owners risk, any vet bills resulting in your dog squables will be the owners responsibility and not that of the kennels.
  • Trips to the vets are charged at £10 per trip and £10 per hour and added to your final invoice.
  • In the event of an out of hours collection a £7 surcharge will be made and added to your invoice.
  • Any dog not collected within 14 days of departure date without contact from the owner will be re homed.
  • Any unnuetered male or any dog who constantly marks /soils their accommodation will have £2.50 per day added to the final invoice for extra cleaning and disinfecting.

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